Stories from the field

Luis and Janice



I first met Luis in October 2017 at the 2100… the Men’s Shelter.  At that time he was fragile and seemed unsure on how to survive in a shelter after his lengthy prison stay. As you might expect Luis had multiple health issues and was unable to navigate the healthcare system on his own. As a Community Health Worker for Carmella Rose sadly we come across many folks like Luis! I was able to assist him in getting enrolled in Medicaid, arranging for to see a gastroenterologist and arranged much needed dental work for him. Now that Luis is taking charge of his health he volunteers in the work program at the shelter. Luis just recently interviewed for a job outside the shelter and was hired! He has come a long way…he appears more confident and sure of himself. I am honored and happy to have been able to be a small part of him getting his life and health in order to now be a productive resident of our city!

Helping an expectant Mom



We met with a young woman, about 20 years old, at Bishop Cosgrove in July who had lost her Medicaid coverage. She desperately needed glasses and was without routine medical care for some time. We helped this young lady obtain Medicaid, find a medical home and addressed her vision needs. Coincidentally, she reappeared at a women's homeless shelter in September – now seeking help with a pregnancy. Early intervention with medical care undoubtedly played a big role in helping to move her forward with much-needed prenatal care and ensure a healthy pregnancy. Our impact on helping this young lady will clearly benefit this new life!

Mom of 7!



Ms. Monique is a mother of 7 who was starting life all over in a new state. We first met her in November when she arrived at a food pantry site looking for food and baby formula to feed her and her children. During a brief conversation  We learned that she and her children had been in Ohio for about 4 months. She had just found a home for her family but didn’t have the basic essentials (Furniture, blankets, wash clothes, towels, etc.). 

In the month of December 2018 Carmella Rose Health Foundation nominated this family to Minority Health Alliance's (MHA) Christmas Family. On December 21’st 2018 a staff member of Carmella Rose dropped off the items the organization had purchased for this young lady and her family. 

The items purchased were clothing for the entire family including a diaper bag along with diapers and baby wipes for the two younger members of the family. The family was also gifted a pack and play for the baby so she would have her own safe place to sleep! 

Needless to say the family was overjoyed and very grateful for the assistance.