Ovarian Cancer Resources

NOTE: This list may not be comprehensive; sites and URLs are subject to change. Information on these sites should not replace the medical advice from your health care provider. Please contact your provider for advice about your specific medical condition.

Education and support for young women who are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Ovarian Cancer, American Cancer Society

Ovarian Cancer, CancerCare.org

Ovarian Cancer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Ovarian Cancer, National Cancer Institute

Ovarian Cancer, National Library of Medicine

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

People Beating Ovarian Cancer

SHARE – self-help for women with breast or ovarian cancer

Hotlines answered by women with breast or ovarian cancer

  • Breast Cancer: 212-382-2111
  • Breast Cancer toll-free in English & Spanish: 866-891-2392
  • Ovarian Cancer: 212-719-1204
  • Ovarian Cancer toll-free: 866-537-4273
  • Espanol (seno y ovario): 212-719-4454


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