Getting Organized

Organizing will help you:

  • Be in control of your healthcare information
  • Manage your medical bills
  • Give correct information to your doctor or healthcare team
  • Get the medical care you need

Tips for Getting Organized

  • Make a list of the medications you are taking and write down:
    • The brand and generic drug name
    • Why you are taking each medicine
    • Potential side effects to watch for
    • Your prescribed dosage
    • What the medicine looks like See Personal Medication Record and Weekly Medication Checklist forms below.
  • Write down important information about your health (medical conditions, surgeries, hospital stays). See Personal Health Record form below.
  • Write down the names of your emergency contacts. See Emergency Contacts form below.
  • Make a list of your doctors and others involved in your medical care. See Doctors and Healthcare Team form below.
  • Keep all of your medical bills and insurance information in one place. See Medical Bills and Insurance Record form below.
  • Ask Questions

Forms to Help You Get Organized

These downloadable forms will help you keep track of your medical information: