8/15/13: CMS Grant Supports Health Insurance Navigators in Cleveland

The Ohio Association of Foodbanks—along with a network of strategic consortium members including Carmella Rose Health Foundation—was awarded a federal Navigator grant by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

This approximately $1.95 million grant will allow the Ohio Association of Foodbanks to raise awareness about the federal-facilitated Health Insurance Marketplace and connect Ohioans with assistance in enrolling in plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace beginning this fall.

More Information

8/15/13: Press Release from the Ohio Association of Foodbanks

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Information from CMS:


In-Person Assistance in the Health Insurance Marketplace

Complete list of CMS Navigator Grant Recipients

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Exchange Functions: Standards for Navigators and Non-Navigator Assistance Personnel; Consumer Assistance Tools and Programs of an Exchange and Certified Application Counselors