Life Snapshots

Here are some stories of women we have recently been able to assist:

We helped a woman at one of our regular monthly food giveaway sites called St. Vitus Church. Her name was Patricia Scott; She was forty-seven years old and she never had health coverage. She shared with us that her lack of health coverage patriciawas a constant concern and she experienced stress for her elderly mother. We were able to successfully complete and submit an application for Medicaid. She was so happy and emotional to have health coverage for the first time that she was both jumping for joy and crying at the same time. As she walked her out to the car where her two friends were waiting to drive her, patient navigator Barb asked them to wait a couple more minutes for something important that we had to do. Barb asked for her mother’s phone number in Alabama, and placed a call to her. Patricia excitedly told her mother that she now finally had health coverage, and almost in disbelief, the mother asked me to confirm whether that was true or not, which we happily did.


We worked with a young woman, 18 years old, at Bishop Cosgrove. She appeared to be in good health, but had many layers of complications trying to use her CareSource coverage. She recently relocated from Columbus, was looking for a shelter, Barb and back of clienttransportation, and his most desperate need – replenish his diabetic supplies. Our first hurdle was to determine where his active prescription existed, as he last filled her meds in Columbus. She wanted to get her prescription at a pharmacy within walking distance, but we discovered her prescription was in the Walgreen’s system with the closest being 3 1/2 miles away. When we tried to phone in the Rx, he did not qualify for her next month supply for almost 2 weeks. She was already a bit unsteady as her supplies have been stolen from the shelter. We were able to work with the pharmacist who contacted CareSource in order to get a one time override fill this prescription. Our client still have no ability to get the prescription, so one of our navigators picked it up for her. The other navigator continued to work with her arranging transportation, two doctors appointments as well and speaking with a caseworker to ensure a shelter for the evening. Truly full scale, wraparound navigation.

At the women’s homeless shelter we worked with a client, after initially offering her help at Bishop Cosgrove. She had moved from New York, and initially thought he was heading out west, but decided to stay in Ohio to get back on her feet. When we met her again at the women’s homeless shelter, she had concerns about getting medication and medical care. Apparently, she left New York quickly and had none of her contact information. Our client had Medicaid in New York but wanted to do an Ohio application. Terminating coverage in another state sounds straightforward, but ended up being a lengthy complicated process. We spent about an hour and a half with this one client, terminating his NY coverage, completing an Ohio application, and supplying her with numerous resources in the Cleveland area.

At one of our Stay Well sites where clients may receive health screenings along with a hot meal, we met a young woman who had no insurance. After further conversation, we discovered that she had trust issues related to a severe depression she was suffering from. We were able to set her up with an appointment with a primary care physician at Cleveland Clinic, her preferred hospital, the next day as well as sign her up for Medicaid. The client did not have a home phone but we were able to follow up with a community navigator at the hospital who stated the client was seen and she was able to connect her to psychiatric services.

At the Women’s Shelter that we frequent, we met a woman who was very discouraged at attempting to get her Medicaid managed care plan card. It was because she was originally traditional Medicaid for two months. We helped her to get her insurance card and also scanned and emailed all of her prescription receipts so she was able to get reimbursed for her meds. Several weeks later, when we saw her again at the shelter she came to let us know she was so grateful for all the help we provided her and was on her way to get her eye sight corrected.

At one of our rehab facilities, we met with a woman who stated she wanted to get medical coverage for her outpatient alcohol treatment. We submitted an online Medicaid application and she received her card within a month. While working at a hot meal event, the same woman came to us and stated she went for her physical and found out she had diabetes. She was very happy to have insurance and was working hard to keep up with her new diet!