2017-2018 GoFund Me Campaign

Helping individuals navigate the complex healthcare system in Northeast Ohio is at the forefront of our mission at the Carmella Rose Health Foundation. We met with a young lady, named Paris at Bishop Cosgrove Center in July who had lost her Medicaid coverage. She desperately needed glasses and was without routine medical care for some time. We helped her obtain Medicaid, find a medical home and addressed her vision needs. Coincidentally, she reappeared at a women's homeless shelter in September – now seeking help with a pregnancy. Early intervention with medical care undoubtedly played a big role in helping to move her forward with much-needed prenatal care and ensure a healthy pregnancy. Our impact on helping this young lady will clearly benefit this new life!  #helpushelpthehomless

Thousands of people are out there just like Paris in which they would need to receive important resources and education to live healthier lifestyles. Your gift will help us continue our efforts and reach those that are most in need. All of us at Carmella Rose and those that we will be able to help, just like Paris, appreciate your generosity and desire to build a healthier Cleveland!



We work with Salvation Army prison release program on a weekly basis. On one particular visit, we met a woman desperate to figure out if she was still covered under Medicaid, as she was in need of a mental health assessment.  After speaking with the manager at Jobs and Family Services, we were able to determine that she had Medicaid coverage for herself and her daughter.  She was able to obtain her much needed psychiatric medication and have her daughter seen by a pediatrician…two people helped in this family!

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