About Carmella Rose Santalucia

Carmella Rose Santalucia

In loving memory of Carmella Rose Santalucia, who inspired our mission to guide women in need. April 19, 1927 – April 2, 1997

Carmella Rose Santalucia was a courageous woman whose life was an example of strength, dignity and respect for all people.

Throughout her illness, she demonstrated the importance of a patient’s partnership with her caregiver, and the impact of this relationship on health outcomes. Although she had adequate insurance and a strong network of family helping her throughout her healthcare journey, she still had difficulty navigating the complex healthcare system.

Her experiences made it clear to her family and friends that every patient needs help finding the appropriate physical and emotional support during times of illness, as well as tools to stay organized.

Carmella Rose Santalucia inspired her daughter, Carol Santalucia, to found the Carmella Rose Health Foundation in her memory to provide patient navigation assistance in Northeast Ohio.